Features Overview


Concrete Countertops

A concrete countertop is a high-end, durable, and completely custom countertop. Concrete countertops offer a truly custom countertop. Features include but not limited to integrated sinks, integrated cutting boards, integrated drainboards, edging styles, colors and the list goes on. Concrete countertops are formed and molded for your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor kitchen and etc. A concrete countertops can be pour-in-place or off-site. Desired looks can be achieved being contemporary to rustic. For any questions on your next countertop, vanity, or fireplace surrounded project, please fill free to contact me.


Industrial Floor Coatings

An industrial floor coating is a coating of epoxy over a concrete floor that creates a more durable, functional and most of all one of a kind look to a normally boring, gray, cold and sometimes damaged concrete floor. Epoxy produces and chemistry has come a long way in the past few years. There are many types of techniques to produce the look, desire, and performance of the industrial floor coating. To simplify for this article industrial floor coating can be a mirror finish (even if the concrete has had damage and/or repairs), unlike stained concrete. To having an industrial floor coating with super gripping power, chemical resistants, and many more options. For any questions on what industrial flooring coating technique fits your project, please fill free to contact me.


Interior Flooring Systems

An interior floor has many options when it comes to concrete from polished, stain/polished, water/acid stained and epoxy. Each of these products offers a different look and durable, this all depends on the projects desired look and performance. For any questions on what interior floor produce fits your project, please fill free to contact me.